The Waskaganish Business Corporation (WBC) is rooted in a rich history of business development,
heritage and culture. Waskaganish is the birthplace of the Hudson Bay Company in 1669 and the fur trade in eastern Canada.

Trapping, hunting and fishing are contributors to the local economy and a source of cultural and spiritual values, practices and
renewal. The region is internationally known for its waterways and prime fishing spots.

The Waskaganish Business Corporation (WBC) was formed in 2013 and has begun to build its’ identity on a proven foundation of historical business development, heritage, and culture.

Our Mission

The mission of the Waskaganish Business Corporation is to build a strong and prosperous community by developing sustainable businesses that provide local employment opportunities.

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Our Vision

The vision is to build local business capacity and establish community-based businesses in different sectors. These sectors are food and lodging businesses; general stores; construction and building supplies; and water transportation.

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Our Values

Creating value and expanding services for the community of Waskaganish with long term investment strategies and business partnerships.

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Our Future

The WBC believes in identifying new business opportunities and building local businesses through training, networking, representing business interests, guiding, and locating resources.

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To achieve our mission, the WBC promotes values of planning, taking action, supporting, and achieving results.

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We will utilize this website as a tool and a way to communicate Waskaganish Business Corporation and its entities’ activities and, more importantly, its plans and successes.

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